Cashaa is creating a better bank, challenging legacy banking by building an app and products with input from our community of users. Our blockchain based platform enables its community to store, save, spend, receive, borrow and get insured, with a simplified user experience in a legally compliant way. Ultimately, Cashaa aims to become a one-stop-shop for financial needs.

Why ?

Powering financial products for Banked and Unbanked

Cashaa's digital and transparent services are not only attractive for the banked population, but they can also deliver financial inclusion solutions to the 2.5 billion unbanked and 1 billion underbanked globally, thereby creating a unique cross-border platform which can serve the entire population.

Facilitating low-cost Currency Exchanges

Send money across borders quickly, for a fraction of the current costs. Our industry-leading technology platform powered by our traders network can protect your money and offer best foreign exchange (FX) rates every time you utilize Cashaa.

Enabling Investments in Global

Cashaa products can enable its users to access the global economy in a decentralised manner. They can facilitate the transfer of value across borders allowing greater portfolio diversification with higher yields.

Dedicated to the Community with an Open API

Create the next generation DApp to solve the world's biggest financial challenges. Our developer SDK and Open API with integrated biometric and artificial intelligence services will accelerate the growth of the digital innovation.

The Future of Banking

Cashaa isn’t just your typical banking app. Our wallet provides instant updates, send, receive or pay with our beautiful interfaces. Now you can have one account where you can deposit your money and crypto* and use it as you want.

Launching Q2 2018(Europe)

Transfer money like never before

Your money in the cashaa wallet will move faster and easier than cryptocurrencies, receiver's will able to get the money within 30 minutes in his local currency to any card, bank account or wallet in the world in our network.

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An Innovative Trading Exchange for FX Traders

Are you a Trader?

Get the unique opportunity to use your cryptocurrencies trading activity to empower FX transfers for higher return and liquidity.

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Beta tested around the world




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