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The total token supply is fixed at 1 Billion CAS


CAS is built as an EIP-20 (former ERC-20) token on the Ethereum blockchain

Token Type : Utility token

CAS available for public sale : 510 Million

Min Cap : $ 2.5 Million USD

Hard Cap (Max limit) : $ 32 Million USD

All unsold Tokens will be distributed among the Token sale participants in proportion to the quantities purchased.

Important dates :

  • Public Crowd sale begins 6th November, 17:00 UTC
  • and ends 5th December

CAS Allocated : 240 Million

Purpose :

Held in reserve by Cashaa in order to fund future transactions and expand liquidity, partnerships required for future growth and expansion. This fund will be locked by Smart Contract and governed by the CAS community based on the requirements.

Availability :

  • 60 Million Immediate
  • 60 Million locked by smart contract for 12 months
  • 60 Million locked by smart contract for 24 months
  • 60 Million locked by smart contract for 36 months

CAS Allocated : 200 Million

Purpose : Founders and Advisors reward for the development of the Cashaa network and their continued long term alignment of the project.

Availability :

  • 50 Million Immediate
  • 50 Million locked by smart contract for 12 months
  • 50 Million locked by smart contract for 24 months
  • 50 Million locked by smart contract for 36 months

CAS Allocated : 50 Million

Purpose : Used for bounty programs and community initiatives to reward developers, entrepreneurs, strategists and community members who want to leverage: the Cashaa network and our licenses to build products to make our users lives easier and help mainstream adoption of Blockchain Technology.

Availability :

  • 15 Million Immediately available after Token Sale
  • 15 Million locked by smart contract for 12 months
  • 10 Million locked by smart contract for 24 months
  • 10 Million locked by smart contract for 36 months

Current Sale Stats

Well Done Together So Far. Let’s Do Even More.

A Big Thank You to All Our Great Contributors who are making Cashaa possible. Great News! Together We have achieved what is required to launch the Next Generation Banking Wallet! Get Ready! Start to See more and more market exposure as more Interesting news will come soon, please stay tuned.

Together let’s reach the Next Billion People engaged with our Blockchain-based banking services.

18.77 M USD
14.34 M Returned 33.11 M USD
18.77 M USD
33.11 M USD

2.5 M USD
Launch of Next-generation
Banking Wallet

Banking Wallet Expansion
(EU & India)

10 M USD
Banking Wallet Expansion
(SE Asia & Africa)

15 M USD
Banking Wallet Expansion

20 M USD
Business Unit

30 M USD
Business Unit

Total Token sold: 313.257.861,16

Total CAS remaining: 196.742.138,84*
*Distributed among the buyers in proportion to the quantities purchased.

Thanksgiving Bonus Structure

Effective from 18th November 2017, 17:00 GMT

Early Members

Users registered before 7th Nov 2017
(within first 24 hrs of Token Sale)

  1. 40% Bonus on any purchase amount
  2. +10% additional Thanksgiving Bonus for accounts where balance is more than $5000.
New Members

Users registered after 7th Nov 2017

  1. 40% Net Bonus for the account where total purchase amount is more than $5000
  2. 25% Net Bonus for the account where total purchase amount is more than $2000
  3. 15% Net Bonus for the account where total purchase amount is more than $1000
  4. 5% Regular Bonus for any amount upto $1,000

  5% regular Bonus will be allocated at the time of purchase, Thanksgiving bonus will be distributed on 24th Nov, 17:00 UTC as per total purchase amount. After 24th Nov, Bonus will be updated every 24 hrs based on total purchase amount.

  + 2.5% Bonus for the people who submit their KYC before 5th dec 2017

KYC Criteria & Requirements

Mobile & Email Verification

Users whose account balance is upto $1500

Identity document & address proof

Users whose account balance is more than $1500

CAS Token Functionality



Access to premium services such as Higher FX transfer limit, ATM withdrawals, transfer and exchange an unlimited amount of money.

Micro Finance


Token holders can give loans and have access instant loans at low interest rates compared to non token holders.

Micro Finance

Credit Score

The accumulation of CAS tokens improves credit scores of low credit rated individuals and small businesses.



Only traders with enough CAS can participate in the trading network and are entitled to create smart contracts for trading.



Governing voting system is another objective of the CAS token, Stake holders will be able to govern the smart contract updates etc.

Key Milestones

We have only been going for about one year and this
is what we have achieved.


Developed MVP BTC2BID, a P2P Concept for Bitcoin Exchange.

Raised the seed round.


Cashaa Limited founded in London, UK

3000+ traders joined in the first 90 days.


Selected at Level 39 Technology Accelerator

Partnered with Coinfirm, to inbuild a strong compliance solution.

Presented the first public demo at Google Campus, Warsaw.


Selected for Tech Crunch Disrupt, London.

Invited by Blockchain Money, Blockchain Week, Blockchain Expo, Esummit - IIT Mumbai and many events and conferences.

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Beta Launch in U.K, Nigeria, India & Indonesia

Became a Top 100 Most Influential Blockchain Company


Developed the most cost efficient system for Bank Transfer settlement between UK & India.

Invited at Keynote in Brussels for EU parliament event, Data Cloud congress, Monaco.

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Extensively tested for security & usability of the platform, along with growing beta adoption.


Beta Users


Across 141 countries


Local Currencies


Bitcoin used


Token Generation Event

Formation of Holding company in Estonia & conclusion of legal preparation for token sale

Application for Authorized Payment Institution in Europe and India

Listing on major cryptocurrency exchanges including regional exchange for currencies like (INR).


Token Generation Event

Formation of Holding company in Estonia & conclusion of legal preparation for token sale

Application for Authorized Payment Institution in Europe and India

Listing on major cryptocurrency exchanges including regional exchange for currencies like (INR).

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Partnering with Asian Banks

Partnering with Asian and African banks for remittance solution

Launch of Cashaa multi currency crypto exchange in India

Addition of 10+ legitimate and valuable cryptocurrencies on peer to peer trading platform


Electronic Money Institution in Europe

Electronic Money Institution in Europe to issue IBAN to European users

Launch of Cashaa Banking Wallet in Europe

Integration of Auxledger


Launch of Cashaa Cards in India

Launch of Cashaa cards in India with wallet functionality

Establishing local payout locations in India, Philippines, Indonesia, South Africa & Nigeria

Addition of 10+ legitimate and valuable cryptocurrencies on peer to peer trading platform


Banking with AI

License will be obtained to offer peer to peer loans

Implementation of Agrello AI based smart contract solution

Addition of 10+ legitimate and valuable cryptocurrencies on peer to peer trading platform



Expansion into United States

Addition of P2P insurance products

Start of licensing process in United States

Addition of legitimate and valuable cryptocurrencies in each quarter

Expansion into China


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Team Members

We are a cross functional and full stack team led by successful entrepreneurs who built their companies from scratch which are now part of Fortune Top 15 companies in world.

Kumar Gaurav

Founder & CEO

Founder & Chairman, Auxesis Group. Extraordinary status  by U.S. Top 100 Blockchain Influencer. Co-Founder, Darwinsurance (Acquired by Esedra)

Kumar is a serial entrepreneur who has been responsible for building some of today’s most exciting fintech business. He is among top 100 most influential people in the world who are leading the evolution of Blockchain and was awarded Extraordinary status ( O1 visa) by United States government.

Kumar is the Chairman of Auxesis Group; India's first enterprise Blockchain company. He also founded Cashaa, U.K based money transfer platform which enables users to send money without any fee anywhere in the world. Due to his vision, Auxesis Group and Cashaa, both are ranked among top 100 blockchain companies in the world.

Kumar is in the editorial group of top Blockchain media and popular international speaker on Blockchain & Bitcoin. He is also the Advisor to many Blockchain start-ups and incubators around the world.

Kumar Gaurav holds the Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering and Master`s in Management from Politecnico di Milano. Before he moved into the world of financial technology, he delivered innovative systems for luxury automobile brands like BMW and Ferrari. During his time in Italy, he also co-founded Darwinsurance, the first Italian peer-to-peer insurance company based in Milan which was acquired by Esedra.

Celestine Vettical

Co-Founder & Chairman

Founder, Perfomix (Acquired by Baker Hughes, GE Company). VP Baker Hughes, VP Cognizant. Worldwide Director Microsoft. Director SAP

Founder of Perfomix (acquired by Baker Hughes). VP Baker Hughes, VP Cognizant, Worldwide Director Microsoft and Director SAP.

Dominic Melo

Chief Payments Officer

Quoted as "Mr Payments" by Forbes. Owns European E-Money Institutions. Advisor to JCB, Japan

An experienced professional that has played key roles in designing, executing andanalyzing process workflows, procedures, and special projects for the international business to business and business to consumer markets, especially in the financial services, payments services, and IT arenas. An excellent communicator who can translate jargon and IT-speak into clear concepts and ideas for non-technical management or board members. Experienced Security Consultant that was routinely responsible for securing highly sensitive and classified information for corporate clients.

Also using tools and methods to extract encrypted or password protected information as part of digital asset recovery efforts for civil and criminal investigations.

Francesco Zorgno

Chief Investment Officer

Director 2F Capital. CEO, Swing Capital Ltd. Founder & CEO, Seed Srl. Asset Manager, Enfinity Group

As Managing Director of 2F Capital and board member of leading investment companies in innovative ventures, I am responsible for project development, funding and construction, along with asset management. Focus on cleantech projects (renewable energies, environmental services), fintech (innovative forex and savings management), tourism and hospitality.

As Business Angel, I have been member of leading associations (such as Italian Angels for Growth) and co-founder of incubators (such as the Seed Project, where I serve as Managing Director). I am supporting new ventures and startup deals with seed and angel funding, and coaching the entrepreneurs from early stage to steady startup phase.

Within the most innovative startups I launched in recent past:

CleanBnB (hospitality), soon become a leading venture in the booming business of short-term rental of real estate; very good case in facility management, fast growing through several rounds of equity financing; NFE (cleantech), a leading European player in engineering, project and technology development, and asset management in renewable energies such as solar (utility-scale, commercial and domestic scale), wind (and mini-wind), biomass, hydro. SaveNet (web-IT), specialized in information and training in the field of energy efficiency and energy saving, more in general providing web services such as hosting, design and development.

My key skills from past activities: asset management, EPC contracting, O&M contracting, contract management, program management, feasibility study, project financing, sales & marketing, project development, business development, investment plans, m&a.

I have been working extensively on the global markets, such as Italy and whole Europe, and focus on Americas, China and Asia Pacific.

Felice N. Covelli

Co-founder & CFO

15+ years of Finance Experience. Professional Asset Manager. Bitcoin Pioneer in Europe

Felice has 15+ years of Finance, he is a professional Asset Manager and a Bitcoin Pioneer in Europe.

Janina Lowisz

Co-Founder & VP Marketing

Known as "Blockchain Girl". Co-Founder, Bitnation. Top 100 Blockchain Influencer. International Speaker

Over the past couple of years, Janina has been popular in the industry as Blockchain Girl, worked as blockchain analyst for major companies and co-founded Bitnation. Today she is also a Top 100 Global Blockchain Influencer, blockchain speaker and model.

Rakesh Lakhey

EVP Sales - Asia

15+ years in Banking incl. World Bank. Co-Founder & CEO, Capital Online Ltd

Innovative Business Consultant and executive marketing professional experienced in establishing High-Tech Business Leading new business ventures for Telecommunication and IT formation with both Global and local spectrum since two decades.  Proactive Executive with strong leadership abilities in providing Expert Knowledge in outstanding result oriented performance in enhancing Versatile negotiations in a professional corporate and Government environment.

Amjad Raza Khan

Co-Founder & VP Technology

Head Researcher and EVP, Auxesis Group. Leading tech teams for 5+ years

Worked as product manager for high frequency exchanges. Head Researcher and Executive Vice president  for Auxesis Group. Certificate course on Blockchain from E Cell, IIT Bombay.

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Partners & Investors


Our advisory board include experienced industry leaders and leaders of financial institutions with strong connections worldwide.

Bernard Lietaer

Strategic Advisor

Author, The Future of Money. Architect of the Euro. Four decades as Central Banker, The world’s top currency trader, President of Bancor Foundation.

Dr. Bernard Lietaer has been active in the realm of monetary systems for nearly 4 decades. He is the author of widely acclaimed books including The Future of Money, Money and Sustainability, and New Money for a New World. Dr. Lietaer is known as the “Architect of the Euro” for designing the ECU, while he was at the Central bank of Belgium. Businessweek named him “the world’s top currency trader” in 1992. Dr. Lietaer is also serving as a Foundation president of Bancor.

John Henry Clippinger

Strategic Advisor

Research Scientist, MIT. Co-Founder & CEO, Big Data Working Group Member, World Economic Forum. Advisor, Bancor Foundation

John Henry Clippinger is a research scientist at the MIT Media Lab. He is the author of "From Bitcoin to Burning Man and Beyond: The Quest for Identity and Autonomy in a Digital Society," and "A Crowd of One: The Future of Individual Identity." He is also member for World Economic Forum Group for Big data and advisor to Blockchain protocol Bancor & Cryptoassets Design Group.

Tim Campbell

Marketing Advisor

Awarded MBE for Enterprise Culture. Associate of "The Lord Sugar". Winner of The Apprentice. Founder & Director, Bright Ideas Trust. Co-Owner, Marketing Runners.

Tim Campbell, who was awarded the MBE for Enterprise Culture in the 2012 New Year’s Honours List, is a speaker who is passionate about the power of business. Whether it be creating wealth and employment or changing the world, Tim believes that business is the catalyst of modern change.

Tim is the founder of his own entrepreneurial social enterprise Bright Ideas Trust, a charitable organisation which encourages young budding entrepreneurs from disadvantaged backgrounds to start business ventures, by giving them greater access to start-up finance, real business mentors and professional services advisors.  Bright Ideas Trust has generated successful start-ups, much excitement and interest from Corporates and innovative young entrepreneurs alike, not to mention receiving Government backing and praise from Gordon Brown, senior MPs across all political parties and our Prime Minister David Cameron.

Owner of his own small business and co-author of one of Amazon’s Top 10 business books for 2010, ‘What’s Your Bright Idea?’ Tim has been privileged to have been asked to comment on a variety of topical matters and regularly appears on BBC television and in broadsheet newspapers including most recently the Financial Times.  He is the face of the British Library’s campaign to promote their services and has been described as ‘the human face of business’ by one broadsheet newspaper.

With his humble roots, passion for inspiring the next generation and charismatic style Tim is now a much in-demand speaker having  had the privilege of working with the likes of BT, Lloyds Banking Group, Everything Everywhere (T-Mobile & Orange), Oxford Said Business School, Ernst & Young, Deutsche Bank, Accenture, IoD, NHS and Barclays to name a few.

Richard Kastelein

Blockchain Media Advisor

Founder & Publisher, Blockchain News. Founder, The Hackitarians. Partner, CryptoAssets Design Group. Director, Blockchain Partners. (Oracle Partner)

Founder of industry publication Blockchain News, partner at ICO services collective CryptoAsset Design Group, director of education company Blockchain Partners (Oracle Partner) & ICO event organiser - Richard Kastelein is an award-winning publisher & entrepreneur. He sits on the advisory boards of advised half a dozen Blockchain startups (ICOs) & has written over 1400 articles on Blockchain technology at Blockchain News & has also published on ICOs in Harvard Business Review & Venturebeat.

Kastelein has spoken (keynotes & panels) on Blockchain in Amsterdam, Antwerp, Barcelona, Beijing, Brussels, Bucharest, Dubai, Eindhoven, Gdansk, Groningen, the Hague, Helsinki, London, Manchester, Minsk, Nairobi, Nanchang, San Mateo, Shanghai, Tel Aviv, Venice & Zurich.

He's a Canadian (Dutch/Irish/English/Métis) whose writing career has ranged from the Canadian Native Press (Arctic) to the Caribbean & Europe. He's written occasionally for Harvard Business Review, Wired, Venturebeat, The Guardian & - his work & ideas have been translated into Dutch, Greek, Polish, German & French.

Akash Gaurav

Blockchain Network Advisor

CEO, Auxesis Group. Founder & Architect, AuxLedger. Ex-Manager, E-Cell IIT Bombay

Akash is the CEO of Auxesis Group and Architect of Aux Ledger. Auxesis today is counted among The Top 100 Most Influential Blockchain Company in the World. In partnership with State Government of India AuxLedger have 53 Million user and working on a solution to scale it where more than 1 Billion Indian population can be moved. Prior, Akash was the manager of The Entrepreneurship Cell, IIT Bombay. He was also a core group member of IIT Bombay where the team successfully proposed a new model for India's first self-driving car.

Alex Norta

Blockchain Architect Advisor

Prof., Tallinn University of Technology. Chief Scientific Officer, Agrello Foundation. Chief Scientist, Qtum Foundation.

Alex Norta is currently a research member at the Faculty of Informatics/TTU and was earlier a researcher at the Oulu University Secure-Programming Group (OUSPG ) after having been a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Helsinki, Finland. He received his MSc degree (2001) from the Johannes Kepler University of Linz, Austria and his PhD degree (2007) from the Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands. His PhD thesis was partly financed by the IST project CrossWork, in which he focused on developing the eSourcing concept for dynamic inter-organizational business process collaboration. His research interests include business-process collaboration, workflow management, e-business transactions, service-oriented computing, software architectures and software engineering, ontologies, mashups, social web. At the IEEE EDOC'12-conference, Alex won the best-paper award for his full research paper with the title "Inter-enterprise business transaction management in open service ecosystems".

Colum Rafferty

Payments Advisor

Sales and Marketing Strategy Consultant. 35+ years in Blue Chip environment. Managing Director, Aventi Technologies Ltd. Payments & Fintech Business Developer

Leading sales and marketing strategy consultant with over 35 years in an international blue chip environment gaining extensive business development experience and substantial success in various sectors within the payments and FinTech sectors. Representative clients include acquirers, banks, processors, PSP's, MSP's, ISO's, Private Equity, Institutional Investors, and Independent Software Vendors / ISV's.

Successful payments experience in Pan-European card issuing, merchant acquiring, payments consultancy, mobile payment security, PCI Merchant Compliance, ISO / PSP propositions and merchant loss mitigation and remediation.

Anil Earla

Fintech Advisor

Head of Information & Data Analytics, Visa. 20+ years of Fintech Experience. Heading Digital Transformation at Visa. Leading various Technology Teams

Head of Information & Data Analytics, Visa. Enterprise technology executive heading digital transformation for world largest payment network. Leading various technology teams to maximize the data assets of Visa Inc. Reduced the incident response time of Visa network from 6-10 days to 2-3 milliseconds.

Intrapreneur passionate about bringing Silicon Valley innovative mind set to larger organizations. Built lean start-ups resulting in creating new stream of revenue.

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How to Participate

Our community has made informative tutorials which help you get through all the required steps in our token sale if you want to participate with Bitcoin or Ether

How to purchase Cashaa tokens using MetaMask

How to buy Cashaa token using BTC

How to buy hottest ICO Cashaa with MyEtherWallet

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Token allocation and clearance of Bank transfers before 12th December
  • Token auditing and Confirmation by 16th December
  • ERC 20 session to use and store CAS 15th - 20th December
  • KYC ticket updates and any further explanation by 5th January
  • Token release to all users who are confident to handle ERC 20 tokens: 6th January onward
  • Exchange listing by 15th January

Cashaa wallet system with full spectrum of fully digital financial services, enables its community with a simplified user experience in a legally compliant way. Our multi currency wallet will able to convert currencies at real time, spend, deposit and send money instantly to any card around the world.


We are selling 510 Million CAS Tokens. Minimum requirement for our Banking Wallet launch is $2.5 Million USD. In case we will raise less than 2.5 Million USD we will return all the collected Funds.

We also have a hard cap at 32 Million USD.


1 CAS is 0.1 $.


The token name/ticker will be CAS.


Thanksgiving bonus as per slab explained above.

+2.5% reward bonus for users who will provide the KYC details before 5th December 2017. KYC will start on 20th Nov 2017.

All bonuses will be locked until 5th March 2018.


You can register at → Participate and follow the given steps & read the FAQ completly. You can purchase CAS by sending BTC and ETH to the address provided after the Token Sale starts inside your Cashaa Account. Do not send ETH or BTC to address seen on messages or chats, emails, social network pagesS etc.

The following wallets are known to be compatible with Ethereum tokens (ERC-20 standard): MyEtherWallet (no download needed), MetaMask (Firefox and Chrome browser addon), Mist (Desktop), Parity (Desktop), Parity + Ledger (Hardware wallet), imToken (iPhone), imToken (Android)

From United States of America, only accredited investors are accepted.


Know your customer (KYC) is the process of a business identifying and verifying the identity of its clients and it is very important for any financial institution. KYC process is essential for Cashaa’s future growth. It will facilitate compliance with the regulations as Cashaa becomes fully licensed financial institution.

Verified KYC profile is not required to purchase CAS during the main sale. Documents can be submitted after purchase, but no later than 05-Jan-2018. Tokens will be allocated and sent only to the participants with verified KYC profiles.

What are KYC Terms ?
  • Every Participant with purchase amount of more than $1500 have to submit the KYC documents.
  • The deadline to submit documents for the KYC process is 5th JAN 2018.
  • CAS Tokens will be distributed only to the participants who will pass the KYC.
  • CAS Tokens of the participant who do not pass the KYC will be burned on a future set date.
  • Participant who will submit the required documents to the KYC process before 5th december 2017 will be rewarded with additional 2.5% of CAS tokens to promote regulatory compliance of cryptocurrencies.
Level Amount Requirement

Tier 1

Upto 1500 USD

Verified: Email address and mobile phone number

Tier 2

Higher than 1500 USD

Verified: Email address, Mobile no, Identity and Address


Proof of Identity:We accept Passport, National ID, Driving Licence - Please ensure that the scan of the ID is high quality and includes both sides and that there are clearly visible edges of the documents.

Proof of Address: We accept Electricity Bill, Bank Statement, Post paid Mobile Bill, Certificate of Registrations at govt department with your address. The document must be less than 3 months old.


The deadline to submit your documents to complete the KYC process is 5th JAN 2018. Funds (ETH, BTC or USD) of the users who do not complete the KYC will be returned within 90 days after 5th Jan 2018.

Tokens of the users who do not pass the KYC will be burned on a future set date.

How to capture an image of your Identity Document (ID)?
  • For Passport ensure main page, for Identity Card or Driver's License ensure front and back side
  • Place ID on a plain dark surface
  • Make sure the entire ID is contained within in the image, including all 4 edges and corners
  • Ensure your fingers are not obstructing the ID
  • Ensure there is no glare
  • Capture a non blurry image
  • Take the image in a well lit room
  • PDF, JPEG or PNG files no larger than 2MB are acceptable

ETH, BTC, USD, GBP & EUR accepted.

1 USD= 10 Cashaa Tokens, 1 GBP= 13 Cashaa Tokens & EUR= 11 Cashaa Tokens accepted.

Price for BTC and ETH will be decided at the time of payment in USD


You can purchase tokens using Bank Transfers (Debit and Credit card payments are closed now)

Bank Transfers to Buy CAS Tokens which can take up to 7 days to come through. In order to make sure everyone who used bank transfer to Buy CAS Tokens are included. All the payments made till 5th December will be accepted until December 11th, 2017. Please confirm with Your bank that payments must arrive before the December 11, 2017.


There is a minimum limit of $ 30 USD or equivalent in other accepted currencies. DO NOT SEND AMOUNT LESS THAN $ 30.

Max Limit for the First 24 Hrs for 40% Bonus will be decide by poll. According to public voting the final result At 6, Nov 00:00 UTC Vote results Max slab for first 24 hrs is $10,000


We will lock the price of Bitcoin and Ether on 5th DEC 2017, 17:01 UTC.

Token price is 0.1$/CAS, irrespective of the BTC or ETH price.


Tokens will be distributed within 30 working days after the end of the token sale (5 December). All bonuses received during sale will be distributed on 5th March 2018.


You will have to provide your own ETH wallet address if you make purchase using BTC, USD, GBP, EUR in which you receive your CAS tokens.

For Payments made through the supported Ether wallet, Tokens will come directly into your Ether wallet within 30 working days after the end of the token sale.

Step by Step process to BUY Tokens


Distributed among the buyers in proportion to the quantities purchased.

Token sale buyers will receive more tokens for the amount they have invested. Example: In case the total number of CAS tokens sold will be 200 Million tokens, then the renaming 310 Million will be distributed amongst all the buyers. Suppose you purchased 2000 CAS tokens, in this case, you will receive 3100 additional CAS tokens, which gives you huge price discount for participating in the token sale. Before: $200 = 2000 CAS + bonus After: $200 = 5100 CAS + old bonus


We are considered as one of the Top and legit Token sale of Q4 2017 and our team is working hard to make sure that all our participants get the advantage of Cashaa Tokens "CAS". Cashaa is recognized among one of the Top 100 most influential blockchain company before starting its ICO while companies like Omisego, Qtum, etc made into the list after closing the ICO.

However, we cannot influence the decision of exchange listing. Usually, the first exchange where tokens could be listed is Bittrex, LiveCoin, Bitlish, Space BTC, ETHDelta, HitBTC after the token sale. We will also have dedicated local exchanges for the currencies such as INR & NGN.


To make sure we have a considerable amount of experience and knowledge of the ICO process for security, token distribution and getting listed on exchanges we have selected Token Market as our ICO partner. Currently, Token Market is the best ICO service platform in the world, and their achievements can be easily looked up and compared on the internet. Some of the Top ICOs concluded by the team are Civic, Rivertz, Monaco and etc.

Legal services for the Cashaa Tokens sale are handled by Oblicity, Tallinn and KN Law Group based in the USA.


35 % Regulation and Licence , 25 % Platform and application engineering, 20 % Marketing & Business Development, 10 % Operations, 10 % Customer support.

By when CAS Tokens will be listed on Exchanges?

Expecetd date to list the tokens on the Exchnages is 20th January 2018.


We have ICO experienced lawyers who have audited the white paper. CAS are clearly an app token used inside the Cashaa system.


We have several ways to help promote our Token sale and earn CAS - you can find more information at

Join us in this revolution


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