Euro IBAN Account

Opening a new business or expanding to Europe? Our EUR account is what your business needs

    Crypto Banking got easier

    Get a Euro IBAN account for all your local and international banking.

    Euro IBAN Account

    Dedicated Euro IBAN with SWIFT/BIC Code in your company name with internet banking.

    Don’t be bound by location – Take full advantage of SEPA & SWIFT Payments

    Transfer money globally

    Euro IBAN Account

    Free transfers to other Cashaa account holders globally


    FX conversion

    International money transfer using the
    best exchange rates.

    Fund transfers

    Wide range of payment networks including SEPA and SWIFT Payments.

    Automate your payments

    Our API can be integrated into your existing ERP, Accounting and Payroll software, making it easy to get notified of incoming payments, manage beneficiaries and trigger payments at the touch of a button.



    No surprises, no hidden fees, just fair and honest pricing.

    Application fee
    Set-up fee
    Monthly limit
    SEPA Incoming
    Outgoing fee
    Swift Incoming fee
    Swift Outgoing fee
    Internal Transfer Fee
    International transfers
    Dedicated IBAN account
    Ability to send/receive transfers to/ from exchanges
    Minimum account balance
    Unlimited transactions
    Limit on transaction amount
    IBAN country
    Avg. Onboarding time


    1,000 GBP or 25% Less if paid with CAS
    0.50% (Min Fee €1.00)
    Coming soon
    No limit
    Lithuania (LT)
    4 weeks
    Companies based in EEA
    high ultra


    1,250 GBP or 25% Less if paid with CAS
    0.50% (Min Fee €2)
    0.04% (Min Fee €2)
    0.50% (Min Fee €30)
    0.20% (Min Fee €25)
    No limit
    Lithuania (LT)
    4 weeks
    Companies based outside EEA

    * The application processing fee is non refundable regardless of the outcome of the enhanced due diligence process.

    * The fees and limits are indicative and subject to change based on risk assessment.

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    Why choose Cashaa for banking services?

    Based in the UK

    Cashaa is headquartered in London and partners with offices in 14 countries and expanding.

    Global leader

    Cashaa is the biggest crypto-friendly banking service provider powering the global crypto industry.

    Simple pricing

    Unlike others, we have made our pricing simple and clear. No unpleasant surprises later.

    Always for you

    You will have a dedicated relationship manager to take care of your incorporation.