One Hybrid account for Crypto and Fiat





Set Spending Targets

Set monthly spending targets on things like groceries, travel, Dine out.

See An Easy Summary

See an overview of your account any time, sorted by what you spend on, with notifications if you’re spending too fast.

Transfer money globally to 120 countries

Pay People In Seconds

Send bank transfers that arrive instantly, and pay cashaa users directly by scanning the QR code.

Scheduled Payments

Set up Direct Debits and standing orders Manage recurring payments from your app. In-app payments abroad icon.

Send Money Abroad

Send money internationally from your Cashaa app for up to 8x cheaper than with high street banks.

Spend BTC, ETH, CAS with globally accepted Cards

Use Your Card Anywhere

Cashaa cards will work all around the world for in-store purchases, online shopping, and ATM withdrawals.

Spend Your Cryptocurrencies

Cashaa cards linked to your account will allow users to spend EUR, GBP, BTC, ETH or any virtual currency anywhere & anytime.

Buy, Sell, Exchange Cryptocurrencies and Tokens

Buy & Sell Cryptocurrencies

You can buy and sell Cryptocurrencies directly from your Cashaa current account without any deposit fees or exit fee. We only charge a simple, low-cost 1.5-2% markup on the average exchange price.

Buy & Sell Digital Tokens

We are enabling the ecosystem of one of the fastest growing asset on the planet. Starting with CAS, we will allow many other legitimate tokens to be exchanged directly through Cashaa account.

Get Instant Crypto backed Loans in GBP and EUR

Cashaa users can enjoy the upside of crypto, without selling the Cryptocurrencies. Get an Instant Crypto-backed loan from cashaa on the ownership of digital assets.

Participate in Multiple ICOs through a Single Account

Identify the good opportunities

Token sales (ICOs) have become a great tool to buy potential services which will change our lives exactly how internet did. But in the absence of a regulated environment, buyers are not able to differentiate good project with verified team.

Participate in verified Token sale

Cashaa as a regulated entity will only on-board the ICO companies for Business account after verifying their owners through the strict compliance process. Cashaa users will able to participate in all these compliant ICO through their account.

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