There are several ways people can send money to each other. But, in a nutshell, either you pay digitally (with a card or through a bank transfer) or in cash and the recipient receives money digitally or in cash.

Cashaa is for people who prefer to pay in cash and want their family or friends to receive cash money in local currency. Bank accounts and credit cards are not required.

We understand how much it sucks when you work hard, doing overtime to save money to send to your family back in Nigeria or in India.

But every single time you transfer money you get ripped by Western Union, Moneygram, Ria or similar services by paying the service fee and the exchange rates which they decide.

While in Cashaa you are the boss of your money and our competitive system forces businesses to make the service free for you and to give you real and better exchange rate than any service you used in the past.

We want you to be able to send cash to anyone for free. Media have called Cashaa the Uber of Money transfers, the Uber for Traders and just like Uber revolutionized the way people commute we are poised to help the way people send cash.

That's the goal: free, simple, easy, and global person to person payments.

We're getting started in the UK(London), in Nigeria (Lagos) and in India (Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Lucknow), so far but we're excited to keep growing.

Thanks for joining us and share the word about us to help everyone to make free cash transfers.

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How to send money with Cashaa?

  • Login into your cashaa Account on your PC or smartphone. Click on Send Cash button and enter the amount you want to send in Pounds, the city where you want your money to be received. Insert the Name and Contact number of the person who will receive the cash.

  • Choose the time 6h, 12h, 24h for your request to get your money delivered. Submit the request and sit and relax! Cashaa’s magic has started to find you the match to get your money delivered.

  • As soon as we find your match, Cashaa notifies you the contact person detail to deposit your cash within a given time.

  • Meet the person, ask for the PIN code and enter it into your Cashaa account to verify his identity. After the system will say OK you can handle the cash to him. Bingo! your money transfer is on the way.

  • Once the deposit has been made you will receive a PIN code for the recipient to pickup the money to destination.

The recipient doesn’t even need to have a Cashaa account to receive the money. What he just needs to have is a mobile phone to get contacted and the PIN code that you have communicated to him. That’s all.

For complete transparency we also give you also the details of the trusted person who will meet the recipient to deliver the cash. But you don't have to worry about it. The person responsible for the delivery will contact the recipient to meet and deliver the money.

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How much fee you have to pay?

Cashaa enables you and the recipient to pay zero fees. We do not charge you directly or indirectly any service fee from your pocket.

What about foreign exchange rates?

A lot of companies hide their fees in bad foreign exchange rates. We don't. Cashaa foreign exchange rates are better than any exchange rate in the business. For example, the exchange rate right now for £1 GBP to NGN is ₦ 578.45.

How safe you or your money is?

Cashaa is a technology platform based on Blockchain which is one of the best innovations after internet. We use Blockchain to create a decentralised escrow system to lock funds of the person whom you are meeting to make sure that you are not get cheated during the process. It means the process is built up in such a way that Cashaa has always control on your money and in case something goes wrong we can refund you immediately, including also a bonus.

How do we make money?

We are sure you are thinking that how it’s possible to run a business if we don't charge any fee. But folks, as the power of technology is growing things are getting cheaper. Cashaa is a Blockchain based startup which cuts down almost 80% of cost compared to any other traditional company in the money transfer industry. And to cover our remaining cost and to make profit we get remunerated by the businesses who trade on our platform in competition for the cash transfers, which keeps us balanced even if we give you a free service.

In case you have any question, please write us at hello@cashaa.com. We would love to hear from you.


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