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Circulating Supply (82% of Total Supply)

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CAS Price

Get your CAS

Earn CAS by staking your tokens or opting to take your interest in CAS. To get it directly, buy it in the app or purchase it from supported third-party exchanges.

Market Pairs
Market Pairs


Market Pairs


Market Pairs


Market Pairs


Market Pairs


Convert all our supported crypto and fiat directly to CAS within the Cashaa wallet.

Ways you can use CAS

Membership tier (CAS portfolio requirement)


(Less than 1% CAS in portfolio)

  • Up to 4% + 0.5%
  • Up to 8.5% + 0.5%
  • Up to 9% + 0.5%
  • Up to 33 % + 0.5%
  • 1


(1% - 5% CAS in portfolio)

  • Up to 4.25% + 1%
  • Up to 9% + 1%
  • Up to 9% + 1%
  • Up to 33% + 1%
  • 2


(5% - 10% CAS in portfolio)

  • Up to 4.5% + 2%
  • Up to 10% + 2%
  • Up to 9% + 2%
  • Up to 33% + 2%
  • 3


(At least 10% CAS in portfolio)

  • Up to 5% + 3%
  • Up to 11%+ 3%
  • Up to 9% + 3%
  • Up to 33% + 3%
  • 5

* Earn rates may be revised based on market conditions and vary in each country

Coming soon

Interest-free Loans

Borrow up to 50x your CAS portfolio value against crypto completely interest free!

What CAS can do

Take a look at what CAS can do

Better than your bank. Access DeFi, NFT, Crypto trading & investments with a Crypto friendly local bank account in your country

Utility of CAS

Unlock crypto-friendly banking services
Boost interest rates on fiat, stablecoin, and crypto deposits
Up to 25% discount on transaction fees
Unlock interest-free loans
Increase cash deposit and withdrawal limits
Reduce interest rates on other loans by up to 50%
Increased cashback on purchases
Access generous staking yields
Multichain ecosystem

Multichain ecosystem

CAS is a multichain utility token live on BSC 20, BEP 2 and Polygon network.

Get the Token that Powers the Cashaa Ecosystem

Get The Token that Powers the Cashaa Platform

Enjoy the benefits of our Loyalty Program and earn high-yield interest, paid out daily.

What is CAS?

CAS Token is a cryptocurrency created by Cashaa

The CAS token powers the Cashaa ecosystem. As the native token of the Cashaa platform, CAS has multiple use cases: Staking done for personal banking services, paying for transaction fees on the Cashaa exchange, maintaining an average balance for complementary services, and much more.

Ways you can use CAS

Banking (Business)

Fees to activate the crypto friendly banking.

Account Limit (Business)

Account limits are decided based on CAS holding

Crypto Exchange Fee

Get 25 % discount by paying in CAS.

Transaction fees

Get 25 % discount by paying in CAS.

Int. transfer fees and FX

Huge discount on International transfers

Banking (Personal)

Staking to activate the personal banking accounts.

Additionally, there will be complementary services for those with an average account balance of 100,000 CAS/month

  • Turnkey solution for credit and debit card processing
    (Regular fee: 1000 GBP)
  • Banking payment automation
    (Regular fee: 500 GBP)

Store CAS on various wallets that support BEP2 tokens

Atomic Wallet
Trust Wallet

+ many more

Migrated to Binance Chain

All ERC20 CAS will be swapped with BEP2 CAS

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